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про Ливию
Много, по-русски, с видео и фото, со ссылками на источники
Твитер какого-то ливийца (?) - даёт ссылки на видео и фото
Видео и статьи из сми

Posted on February 23, 2011
by iyad_elbaghdadi
Map of Libya showing situation as of today 23/2/2011, Spanish version. #Feb17 #Libya
about 3 hours ago from site • viewed 895 times

Re-uploaded the map on Twitpic since YFrog seems to be down. Shows strategic situation in #Libya as of today.
about 3 hours ago from site • viewed 3085 times

Iyad El-Baghdadi
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Entrepreneur, Austrian economist, animation trainer, forex trader, game programmer, project manager, Ron Paul supporter, and Islamic libertarian.
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