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отслеживание падения Фобос-Грунта онлайн - обещают, что в течение 2 часов свалится
Phobos Grunt (Фобос Грунт) - Online 3D Real Time Tracking
Jan 12, 07:04 - First re-entry ground bands have been generated using Harro Zimmer's predictions.
Jan 12, 17:00 - Harro Zimmer decreased the uncertainty to 3 hours.
Jan 12, 18:36 - USSTRACOM issued the first predictions with uncertainty of 15 hours (as soon as the uncertainty decreases, re-entry tracks will be created)
Jan 13, 11:52 - New Harro Zimmer's predictions shifted ahead of 5 hours.
Jan 13, 18:42 - USSTRATCOM issued a new re-entry prediction with uncertainty of about 10 hours. Click the following link to see the ground tracks.
Jan 14, 22:20 - Harro Zimmer decreased the uncertainty to 1.5 hours
Jan 15, 10:18 - Harro Zimmer decreased the uncertainty to 45 minutes (See the related reentry ground track in TABLE I)
Jan 15, 16:53 - A new TLE has been released. New figures available under the map. Decay is imminent!

TIME Sun, 15/01/2012 21:24:23
Latitude [deg] -14.01
Altitude [km] 133.3 (ВЫСОТА)
DEC J2000 [d:m:s] -7:01:11
Sun El.[deg] 10.4 (Day)
(UTC) Sun, 15/01/2012 17:24:23
Longitude [deg] 165.67
Azimuth [deg] 135
RA J2000 [h:m:s] 12:33:32
Time Offset 0s (RealTime Position) 2455942.22527
JD Elevation [deg] -80
Magnitude below horizon
Observers 2163 (online)
Tags: космос

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