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дошла очередь и до слабой доли
Ozzy Osbourne-Over The Mountain(Ska Version)
Andy Rehfeldt, 18 сент. 2016 г.
Re-uploaded to my main channel! Music arranged, performed and recorded by me.
Jefferson Airplane-White Rabbit(Metal Reggae Version)2
Andy Rehfeldt 4 авг. 2019 г.
This arrangement was written, performed and recorded by me, Andy. Grace's vocals and this video were found on YouTube.
Megadeth-Symphony of Destruction(Reggae Version)
Andy Rehfeldt, 2 мая 2011 - 1,3 млн просмотров
All instruments arranged, performed and recorded by me. Mustain's vocals were found here on YT.
Ozzy Osbourne-Children Of The Grave(Reggae Version)
Andy Rehfeldt, 25 мая 2012 - 0,1 млн просмотров
This song is dear to my heart, I even had a band in high school called Children Of The Grave. All instruments arranged, performed, and recorded by me.
The Doors-People Are Strange(Reggae Version)
Andy Rehfeldt, 14 мая 2017 г.
Kiss-Detroit Rock City(Reggae Version)
Andy Rehfeldt 4 янв. 2010 - 0,6 млн просмотров
I found the vocals alone @ Chaplin1914, so I had to do something with them. All instruments played and recorded by me
Pantera-Walk(Reggae Version)
Andy Rehfeldt, 25 сент. 2016 - 0,3 млн просмотров
Re-uploaded to my main channel! RIP Dimebag Darrell. If he can see this from the other side, I hope he get's a good laugh from it. When I found the vocal track, Reggae was the first thing I thought of, so I did it. A loungy swing version would also be great lol. The music was arranged, performed and produced by me.
Spock Sings Reggae - "Bitter Dreads"
Andy Rehfeldt, 3 мар. 2015
Music was arranged and performed by me.
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