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иностранные и местные иноязычные сообщения о причинах акции на матче с Жилиной


Blom legt Zilina - Spartak stil wegens rellen // оригинал фото:

Blom legt Zilina - Spartak stil wegens rellen
8 december 2010

Kevin Blom heeft woensdag de Champions League-wedstrijd tussen MSK Zilina en Spartak Moskou voor twintig minuten gestaakt. Wangedrag van de Spartak-fans was daar voor de Nederlandse arbiter de aanleiding toe.

Na zes minuten gooiden de Russische fans vuurwerk op het veld, waarop Blom een afkoelperiode besloot in te gelasten. Ook kwamen er enkele supporters held veld in Slowakije op. Wellicht handelden zij uit protest en woede. Afgelopen weekend werd namelijk hun collega-supporter Yegor Sviridov (28) doodgeschoten bij hevige rellen met een groepering uit het Russische gebied Kaukasus.

Zilina en Spartak komen uit in groep F. In die poule is alles al beslist. Chelsea en Olympique Marseille overwinteren in het miljoenenbal, terwijl Spartak in de Europa League verder moet. Zilina is helemaal uitgeschakeld.

Подчёркнутое (перевод мой+гугль, языка я не знаю):
Возможно, они (суппортеры) действовали из гнева и протеста. Потому что в минувшие выходные погиб их товарищ Егор Свиридов (28 лет) - в жестоком столкновении с группой выходцев с российского Кавказа.

Так-так. Тренер Спартака Валерий Карпин на послематчевой прессухе много отмазывался, но промолчал о связи поведения болельщиков с убийством Егора Свиридова.
Т.е. НИКАКИХ вменяемых объяснений он журналистам не предоставил, а потому не будет неожиданным, что турнут из Лиги того, кто не может следить за своими болелами (или хотя бы пояснить, что причина была существенная и никак не связанная с хулиганством). Это что - трусость? Глупость?

The Moscow News

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Photo REUTERS/David W Cerny // оригинал фото:
© Photo REUTERS/David W Cerny

Spartak fans disrupt Euro tie - and promise more protests on Saturday
by Andy Potts at 09/12/2010 11:20

Spartak fans disrupted their team’s Champions League match in Slovakia on Wednesday – and promptly pledged to take to Moscow’s streets at the weekend.
The dramatic scenes in Zilina followed Tuesday’s showdown on Leningradsky Prospekt, where a crowd of more than 1,000 people blocked traffic as a vigil for a dead supporter turned ugly.
Within four minutes of the kick-off a barrage of flares and fireworks forced the players off the field.
Spartak’s players returned to try to calm supporters, who had displayed banners in support of murdered Yegor Sviridov and his family, but it took 20 minutes before the stadium was calm enough for the match to continue.
There were further disturbances during the second half of the match, which Spartak won 2-1.

Back home

The protests are far from over with fans – backed up by nationalist groups including Slavyansky Soyuz – demanding a full investigation into the brawl on Monday which left Sviridov dead and another fan injured.
One man, Nalchik-born Aslan Cherkesov, has been remanded in custody amid reports of a brawl between football fans and a group of Caucasians.
And the link to migrants from the North Caucasus has heightened inter-ethnic tensions.
On Saturday two further rallies are planned. One group is preparing to lay flowers at the site of the killing on Kronstadtsky Bulvar, near Vodny Stadion metro station.
Another group is planning a rally on Manezhnaya Ploshchad in the centre of the city, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.
According to social network pages about 900 people could be involved in the events.

Human rights concerns

Activists have expressed their shock that no action was taken against people chanting nationalist slogans at the Tuesday rally, despite a strong police presence.
Galina Kozhevnikova, of the human rights centre Sova, told Interfax: “If there is a crowd in the streets which chants racist slogans and goes unpunished than society is doubly threatened.
“It is not clear why the police said nothing terrible happened, there were no racist slogans, when there is evidence of precisely that.”
Officially it is said that nobody was arrested, though Slavyansky Soyuz leader Dmitry Demushkin claimed at least two bus-loads of his supporters were detained by riot police.

No to nationalists

The widow of Sviridov, Yana Sviridova, is concerned that her family’s loss is being hijacked by other groups seeking to stoke ethnic tensions between different communities in Moscow.
Speaking at Tuesday’s vigil she insisted that her husband was not an “ultra” – a hardcore football fan, with links to the nationalist movement – but just an ordinary guy who enjoyed watching his team.
And in an interview with KP she added: “Unfortunately I myself heard slogans like ‘Russia – for Russians’ and ‘Moscow – for Muscovites’.
“Some organisations apparently want to profit from this situation.”
And she spoke of her gratitude to those who had supported her, admitting that despite an arrest she was still doubtful that the killer would be punished.
“We know how it is: whoever has the money has the law,” she said.

Sporting consequences

The club could face punishment from UEFA if it is found guilty of not controlling its supporters at last night’s game.
Sanctions could include fines, being forced to play European games behind closed doors and suspension from European competition.
However, Spartak coach Valery Karpin said little about the crowd’s behaviour in his post-match press conference, Sovietsky Sport reported.
“Both teams were in the same situation and it is hard to say who were more influenced by the break in the game,” he told reporters. “In my opinion it affected both teams equally.”
But he was silent over conduct of the fans and the death of Sviridov.

РИА Новости
Spartak fans stop Champions League match

оригинальное фото:
Football fans
23:25 08/12/2010
© RIA Novosti. Ivan Rudnev

Less than a week after Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup, a group of Spartak Moscow fans twice caused the temporary abandonment of a Champions League game in Slovakia on Wednesday evening.

The referee in charge of the MSK Zilina and Spartak Moscow Group F game stopped the game twice in the first ten minutes after Russian fans began throwing flare and fireworks on to the pitch.

Spartak players attempted to reason with the fans. The game has now restarted.

The incident comes just a day after some 1,000 Spartak Moscow supporters blocked traffic on a busy road in the north of the Russian capital after the death of a well-known fan in a brawl.

The fans blocked Leningradskoye Highway - one of the city's busiest roads - to demand a thorough investigation into the death of Spartak fan Yegor Sviridov, killed in a street brawl in the capital early on Monday.
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