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man_with_dogs's Journal

Man With Dogs
I am no one / But I'm well known / For I am the Man with the Dogs
I stare at you shopping / Watch while you're walking / Two dogs run around your toes
You turn around / Two eyes break you down / "Now, who does that guy think he's starin' at?"
Stop in your tracks / You're being laughed at / You armored ego is nude
And I do and I do / Crack up 'cos I'm getting to you / I see you I see you / And you're pretty self-conscious too

Down to your church / I'm looking for victims / Spell of the Man with the Dogs
I'll haunt you / And follow you to work / That ghost is back again
Creep into you / I won't go away / You're taking yourself too seriously
I smile as you frown / And turn to walk away / Your habits for all to see
I see a shrew / I see you / And the rodent things you do / You see you I see you / And you're pretty self-conscious too

And I'm gonna crack your mask / Yeah and I'm gonna laugh / Open wide
Saw you again / You'll see me tomorrow / Curse of the Man with the Dogs
You may not like me / You won't forget me / Not safe even in Walgreen's
They've seen me / Ask your friends / 'Oh I know him' / Seen but I'm never heard / By your lot
A stare / Is worth a thousand biting phrases / See how stupid you are?
I dare you I dare you / To erase my laser tattoo / You see you you see you / And you're pretty self-conscious too

And I'm gonna crack your mask / Yeah, and I'm gonna laugh / What's inside? / Is it pubic hair / Is it cobweb air / I bet you just don't care

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Собачий Питомник
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Многосерийное чтиво.

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